The Silent Voice of Form

Sculptor Floyd Tennison DeWitt was hosted by the Holter Museum of Art in the 1990s for the largest one man show of sculpture in Montana history.

What can our technically untrained or naive eyes rely on to guide us through the visual arts? Floyd DeWitt fuses abstraction with visual reality in an effort to inspire rather than illustrate.

From the Holter Show

STANLEY G. WEST, Author of Amos
“Into his material, DeWitt insinuates hints and glimmers and faint whispers of the mystery behind life...”
ALSTON CHASE, Syndicated Columnist
“His eye records more than the surface of things. His works seems to combine an American’s love of nature with a European’s sense of fragile humanity.”
DAVID M. RANTER, Professor Emeritus, Boston University
“The visual poetry that marks the difference between competency and art; DeWitt is one of America’s greatest sculptors.”
TED SCHWINDEN, Former Montana Governor
“An outstanding sculptor.”
“Here in the virtual wilderness, is the sophistication one hopes to find in cultural centers. In DeWitt’s work lies the true spirit of the transformation of nature in art.”
“An authentic master of the fine arts; DeWitt is the only artist born in the American West who has accepted western civilization’s entire artistic reach as his legitimate country.”
“A rare and wonderful combination of power, intelligence, light and beauty; He is destined to glory.”
DAVID M. SALAY, Director Museum of the Rockies
“One of the rare Montanans with whom we are blessed; He has transformed classical sculpture into a unique twentieth century art form.”
BOB RANEY, Montana State Representative
“His work is not a photograph of nature, but rather an expression of nature.”
PAT WILLIAMS, U.S. Representative, Montana
“From Floyd DeWitt’s pieces flow strength, vigor, energy and, yet more than a touch of gentle poignancy.
CAROLA VAN DEN HAUTEN, Director Modern Art Consultants, New York
“His sculpture has powerful form and dynamic life force. I find it sensitive and moving.”
“Portraits of various people, in clay and bronze, images of beasts of burden are elevated by the use of mythology. I was impressed with the professional and highly skilled work created by Floyd DeWitt.”